Scholarship info.

Most opportunities we sponsor are free


We are able to offer several scholarships for activities that have a fee. We never want limited resources to stand in the way of what could be a life changing experience. 

If you are interested in a scholarship for a specific program, the first step is to go ahead and register your student through our calendar of events. This is the first step to securing a spot in the event that the program fills up. Typically, scholarship access information will be given during your reservation process. You can also contact us to learn more. 

Scholarships are generally based on the honor system. If you need scholarship support for your student, let us know. We don't ask for your financial information for you to prove need. Requests are kept confidential. 

Don't have everything on the packing list for your student? 

If you need help obtaining certain items, just let us know as soon as possible before the departure date as we can probably help. Please don't let a few missing items stand in your student's way of registering. 

give a scholarship

Have the resources to make scholarships available for others? Donate today to make a truly meaningful contribution.