We have included some frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions, we are happy to help!


What will my teenager gain from this program?

This question is answered best by a Mountain Alliance parent who said: “Mountain Alliance has shown our son how actually “doing” something can make a significant difference: to the community, to the environment and to himself. Being a part of a group has given him a place to “belong” and a feeling that his efforts have value.”

How often does Mountain Alliance meet?

Mountain Alliance hosts after school programs 4 days a week in both Avery High and Watauga High. We sponsor outings most every week of the school year, please check the calendar for more information. We also host membership meeting to promote upcoming trips, share stories, look at highlight pictures and videos. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. 

How do I sign my teen up?

After school programs: No need to register, students can just stop by!

Trip Registration: Click Calendar of Events, and choose your county.

  • Find the program(s) you are interested in on the session list/ calendar. Click on the program name for more information.
  • Click “Add” to add to “Your Selections,” then click continue


  • Enter your existing account email. → If you don’t already have one, list a primary parent/guardian email  
  • Enter participant basic information, health information, review/ agree to waivers, and sign electronically
  • Review and Check Out
  • Review, edit, add to, and pay (if there’s a cost) for your registration.
  • Enter a password to create your account (if you’re new)
  • Click complete

Once you have an account, most information will be saved and should auto-fill for any future registrations.

If you have any questions, contact Rachel@MountainAlliance.org or call (828) 263-1770 for Watauga High Trips and Brittany@MountainAlliance.org or call (828) 773-0151 for Avery High trips.

What if my TEENAGER can’t come to every event?

That is okay! In a typical year, we have over 120 youth involved in the program. It is impossible for every student to participate in every activity. We do encourage members to come to all membership meetings and sign up for as many service and adventure after school and weekend outings as possible.

How can I get involved as a parent?

There are many opportunities through out the year to help with including: coordinating fundraisers, participating on outdoor trips, helping with student events and recognition, etc. You could even give a scholarship to another student! If you are interested in learning how you can help, or have questions contact us today

Worried about the cost of a program or need help getting equipped?

Visit our scholarship information page to learn more!