Developing leaders through service, adventure, and experience

Each year, Mountain Alliance offers over 100 after school and weekend outings with something new every week. These activities provide exciting and thrilling opportunities to push past perceived limitations and gain confidence for the mind and body. The average teen spends over seven hours a day in front of a screen – let’s create a new world for students – a world of wonderment and adventure!

Students can plug in to fit in their schedule. Sign up for one trip a year or 50! And what’s better? It’s free!

Our Core Programs

Outdoor Adventure:


Adventure activities challenge and empower students to identify and value their personal strengths, and the strengths of others.

Activities include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Caving
  • Canoeing
  • Backpacking

Adventure activities are designed to shape the confidence of the individual and provide youth with an opportunity to challenge themselves in a supportive and safe environment. Students will learn to overcome obstacles, embrace adversity, and cultivate leadership skills.

Community Service:

Through service outings students gain a sense of perspective, understanding and concern for those around them, and a new appreciation for the betterment of the community while gaining insight into social and environmental issues.

Service activities include:

  • Hospitality House
  • Wildlife Care Center
  • Hunger Coalition
  • National Park Service
  • Grandfather Mountain
  • Elk Knob State Park
  • Hurricane relief projects
  • Urban Expedition to Washington, DC.

Students will learn to see the impact their actions and decisions have upon themselves and others - a crucial awareness in developing the character of tomorrow’s leaders.

Cultural Activities:


Cultural experiences and outings enrich the lives of students through experience and hands on learning.

Activities include:

  • Local field trips
  • Contra dancing
  • Farm trips
  • Art exhibits
  • Observatory  

Experiencing new and unique cultural events and activities broadens a student’s world view to encourage lifelong learning and curiosity to nurture the adventurous spirit.

After school programs:

Need a place to relax after school?  Drop by the "School's Out" program in either the Avery High or Watauga High Library. Open Monday through Thursday until 6pm. No need to register, just come by anytime before 6. This is a great place to do homework, work on projects, get some help with school work, find a tutor, play ping pong, or just chill. We provide free snacks, free school supplies, and assistance with school work available every day. 

  • School's Out is free to any high school aged student in Avery or Watauga. 
  • Open Monday - Thursday, from when school ends until 6pm. Program is hosted in the Avery High & Watauga High Library. 
  • Students can come by at any point and for any length of time until 6pm. 
  • Academic support. School's Out is a great place to work on homework or projects or get some help with school work. We can also help coordinate a tutor in many cases. 
  • Relax: Nothing you want to work on? Feel free to relax, play ping pong, etc. 
  • Free snacks, free school supplies.

School's Out hosts many programs throughout the year such as SAT/ACT prep, exam review, subject tutoring days and much more. Check our calendar of events for details. 

Mountain Alliance has shown our son how actually ‘doing’ something can make a significant difference: to the community, to the environment and to himself. Being a part of a group has given him a place to ‘belong’ and a feeling that his efforts have value.
— Mountain alliance parent